Each year we receive requests from participants for comments from the audition committee about their video auditions.  How many times have you auditioned for something and were not able to receive specific feedback on why your audition was not as successful as it could have been?  How many times have you wondered how you fared exactly against your counterparts in your instrument category?  Have you ever received comments after taking an audition that were not specific to your particular performance?  


The NYSE would like to help answer some of these questions for you so that your next audition is as successful as possible.  Auditioning in the classical music world can be a deeply satisfying experience if you are able to bridge the gap between your performance and the audition committee.  The NYSE would like to offer you the chance to do so by offering a program we offer called Deep Assessment.  


Deep Assessment is a chance for you to learn specific information about how your personal audition was reviewed by the audition committee.  You’ll be given an honest assessment of your audition so that you have a deeper understanding of what to focus on in your future preparation.  More importantly, you’ll be able to apply this information in your next performance, audition, and mostly immediately, when you next step foot in the practice room.  Of course, every audition committee member listens to your audition with his/her own unique perspective.  While their perspectives may differ in relation to your musicality, interpretation, and other aesthetic elements, there are elements that are indisputable - the most basic and fundamental parts of your playing such as rhythm, intonation, and note accuracy.  Deep Assessment is a focus on these basic elements, as well as aesthetic components, so that you have a clearer idea of just how much these factors affected your audition placement.  


Through the Deep Assessment program, you will receive the following:

1.  An overall review of your audition (1-4 pages of commentary).  This will include a personalized report of your performance, your strengths and weaknesses, specific steps YOU should take to improve, and how-to guides which offer practice strategies.  

2.  A numerical grade in a variety of categories in which your audition was graded, and how your overall grade compared to musicians on the same instrument from all across the country who also auditioned for NYSE.  A separate numerical grade for EACH excerpt which will show you how each excerpt fared EXACTLY when compared to the same excerpt in your instrument group.  

3.  Specific quotes from members of the audition committee.

4.  Annotated analysis of EACH of your excerpts and solo (including specific measure numbers or timing marks min/sec)

5.  Recommended steps you personally should take in preparing your audition materials most effectively for your next audition.  

6.  Myths about video auditions debunked.

7.  After receiving your Deep Assessment, you will now have the capability to determine how much your own assessment of your video audition presentation (the day you submitted your audition) matches the audition committee assessment of your audition.  This will provide a reality check that will enable you understand the exact issues that you must improve on in order to succeed at auditions.  


If you are interested in continually improving your audition-taking skills, or plan on taking orchestral auditions in the future, Deep Assessment is an easy way to put a magnifying glass on how you are currently taking auditions.  Not for the faint of heart!  Truth will be told!  You will be challenged for sure, but what better way to improve?