This program is suitable for all musicians, whether you are planning a career in music performance or education.  Training for an audition is perhaps one of the most challenging situations a musician can face.  Becoming more skilled at taking auditions requires you to become a better musician overall.  In order to do this, though, you will need the knowledge of how your auditions can be better.  If you objectively review the Deep Assessment you receive and apply the information to your playing, you will undoubtedly become better at preparing for your next audition.  

why don't i just buy a book that talks about taking orchestral auditions?

Deep Assessment is not a template, nor a source for general advice for taking auditions.  We'll be dissecting YOUR audition to give YOU specific advice on what YOU could do to be better.  This is an effective, individualized report for musicians who are committed to their craft and to their art form - especially musicians who are pursuing a career in performance.  

did the winning participants have a perfect audition? 

Definitely not!  No audition committee worth their salt is looking for "perfection." While accuracy is a factor, there are several other factors that contribute to an audition committee's final decision.  Allow us to share this insight with you - as it pertains to you - through Deep Assessment.  

will deep assessment shatter my confidence?

The short answer is NO.  The longer answer is that your confidence may be on hold for a few minutes.  Yes, you WILL learn of flaws in your audition.  However, once you discover your exact weaknesses, you'll know precisely how to use your time when you next step inside a practice room.  The knowledge of understanding what your shortcomings really are will restore half of your confidence.  Turning your weaknesses into strengths will make your confidence soar.  
It can easily be said that musicians waste around 60% of their time inside a practice room.  Why?  Because they don't know exactly what to work on and how to work on it to improve quickly.  And, if you do not make continual progress in the practice room, it will be challenging to maintain passionate music-making long term.  Why not let Deep Assessment let you know for sure?  You'll be given a grade not only for how each excerpt was performed, but also a grade for each excerpt that lets you know how you fared against other musicians in your instrument group.  

"Couldn't i just ask my private teacher?"

Sure!  And, you should ask your private teacher.  That said, you'll still need to understand how you fared exactly with musicians of the same instrument and musicians of your same age bracket.  After all, the musicians you auditioned with this year for NYSE are the same musicians you will likely see at auditions in the future.  Having an accurate assessment of where your current level of audition taking is can be a powerful tool in understanding how your current practice methods are working or not working.  


1.  An overall review of your audition
2.  A numerical grade in a variety of categories in which your audition was graded, and how your overall grade compared to musicians on the same instrument from all across the country who also auditioned for NYSE.  A separate numerical grade for EACH excerpt which will show you how each excerpt fared EXACTLY when compared to the same excerpt in your instrument group.  
3.  Specific quotes from members of the audition committee regarding your performance and/or individual excerpts.
4.  Annotated analysis of EACH of your excerpts and solo (including specific measure numbers or timing marks min/sec).
5.  Recommended steps you personally should take in preparing your audition materials most effectively for your next audition.  
6.  Myths about video auditions debunked.
7.  After receiving your Deep Assessment, you will now have the capability to determine how much your own assessment of your video audition presentation (the day you submitted your audition) matches the audition committee assessment of your audition.  This will provide a reality check that will enable you understand the exact issues that you must improve on in order to succeed at auditions.  

how much does the deep assessment program cost?  

The Deep Assessment program costs $40.  You are signing up for a service in which your video audition will be critiqued minute by minute, second by second.  You will be given practical and critical advice that pertains directly to you and your musicianship.  

when should i expect to receive my deep assessment?

After signing up, you should receive your Deep Assessment within 4 weeks.  

"I'm interested, but still have some questions about deep assessment"


how do i sign up? (please visit our deep assessment sign up page)