Welcome to the New York Symphonic Ensemble!  For over 30 years, our orchestra has concertized around the world.  Each year we hold auditions for aspiring orchestral musicians to join us for a paid summer tour to Japan.  You will meet and work with top-tier musicians who, like you, are embarking on a career in orchestral performance or education.  Our alumni include top working freelancers around the United States, members of the NY Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and countless other arts organizations.  Here you will find all you need to know about our orchestra and how to apply for audition. The NYSE is thrilled this year to open our audition process to all musicians between the ages of 18-30 from ALL across the United States! For more information please click here:  Find out more

Available spots:    Violin-Viola-Cello-Bass-Flute-Oboe-Clarinet-Bassoon-Horn-Trumpet-Timpani/Percussion

Perhaps it is music that will save the world
— Shinichi Suzuki

Contact us at:  nysejapantour@gmail.com